Recharge. Reset.

The ever illusive first blog post.  I hope to dedicate this site primarily to photos.  But words sometimes help.  Where to begin. Today seems as good as any.

I have come to realize the extreme blessings in my life. My amazing girlfriend, a loving family, great friends (old and new), classes I enjoy, and a combination of cyrus centre and photos for work (it pains me to refer to these as work, as they are both so much more).

As I find myself, more than ever before, in the midst of so many great people, and such rewarding work, I can’t help but have times where I feel completely overwhelmed.

In these times I feel restricted.  I limit my ability to show love to those in my life by filling my time with things that are worth doing.  Enjoyable things.  Important things. Sometimes even selfless things.  Even in these moments I find only fleeting moments of calm.  I have spread myself thin, unintentionally but perhaps that is all the more detrimental to my being.

It is for this reason I am so thankful for having the opportunity between drafts on a paper, to take a break.  Recharge and reset. Although I was unable to make my way to penticton or bluey lake, the timing for a trip to Gabriola was perfect.

It was here with the mix of beautiful friends, books, weather, environ, and even a little landscaping that I found rest once again.  Perhaps I shall remember how this feels more regularly.  Perhaps I will even learn to take on less.

Here are some of the photos from a marvelous trip to a magical forest.


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  1. Nathan


    September 6, 2010 at 11:19 pm

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